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“Stress is in the air, and tensed is the vibe, Hard to pass it on, how do I survive?”

Exam days are all about tensions, stress and burning the midnight oils. Where on one side, pages of the books and the notes are turned a million times, young minds scavenge the web for a drop of motivation and an ample of tricks to score better on the other side. Well, Tuli’s The Academy, being one of the best Institutes in Amritsar , is here to lift up a fraction of your worries by offering these tips and tricks to prepare for board exams. Following them religiously would not just ensure proper preparation, but would also alter your studying habits for good. Without wasting much of your precious time, let’s get started.

Priority to Weaker Areas

Most of the students think they should study those concepts first in which they are highly proficient. Well, here they get themselves wrong. One should always hold those concepts first in which he/she is weak. This way, he’d get enough time to grasp the topic and retain it over a course of time. Give more time to the weaker sections and take them to the priority.

Important Questions

Every chapter has some important questions. Take help of your teachers, identify them and prepare them on priority. These questions have high occurring frequency and learning them can reap good chances of better marks.

Formats and Keywords

In language exams, you need to be thorough with the formats. Learn by solving examples. A little mistake in format can take away your valuable marks. In the literature part, try including as many keywords as you can. If you have sufficient time, underline or highlight them. This would leave a good impression on the examiner.

Follow the Syllabus

It is a common myth among students that studying reference books would help gain marks. These would indeed help write better but to understand the concepts, the syllabus books are a must. Without those, you won’t be able to understand the topics and would not be able to make a connection between what is taught in school and what is written in the book.

Hence, the suggestion is that you may use the reference books only if you are clear with the subject matter written in the school syllabus books. A combination of both types of books would strengthen your concepts and beautify your words.

Weightage equals Priority

There are chapters holding high weightage in examinations. The questions from these chapters hold high chances of recurring. Prepare these chapters first and keep them on the tips while you go for other chapters. Examples and Theorems: Subjects like Maths and Physics have numerous examples and theorems. Solve them again and again and again unless you don’t have to fear them at all.We are the best Maths and Science Tuition Centre in Amritsar to help you in preparations.

Write while you Learn

This is a suggestion, you can get by every other person you meet. Writing increases your motor memory and helps you retain longer. If you are not able to learn or retain anything for a long while, just use this key mantra of learning and see the miracles happening. Writing while learning has proven to be by far the best method to prepare for examinations.

Flow-charts: Our mind can learn diagrams and flow-charts better than the words. So, make the flow-charts of the steps or the points and try to learn the flow-charts. You’ll observe better results. Mental Maps: In subjects like Social Studies, make the mental maps along with timelines. Learn the chapters like a story. There won’t be anything left to worry about.

Intervals are must

Your body too gets tired. Your mind too needs rest. So, don’t just keep on cramming ruthlessly without any pause or stop. Take some intervals, have some fresh air, get yourself a coffee, refresh your mind and get back to the grind.

Studying without a pause would exhaust your mind and you can even lose your retaining power. Learn in bits, but learn with quality. These intervals would also give time to your mind to soak what you have learned to its depths so that it doesn't get lost by the fall of time.

Regular Oral and Written Tests

For you to prepare for examinations, you need to self analyse yourself. Give yourself a test to solve. Try to make it as difficult as you think you can. Challenge yourself to the edges.

Solve the sample papers and get your hands on the former papers as well. While you solve the test, keep a watch over the watch. Try completing everything in time. Write your mistakes several times so that it can get fed into your motor memory. Leave no chance of mistakes. Write over and over again until you see no mistake in yourself while solving the paper.

Early to Bed and Early to Rise

Early morning is the perfect time to learn anything. The air is fresh, there is no noise, birds give perfect and calm music. In the mornings, you can get an ideal vibe in which you can learn the best.

And all of this is nothing in the midnights. Plus, you need to have proper sleep as well. Hence, it is suggested to get to bed and wake up early so that you may get enough sleep and can wake up fresh.

Build up your Confidence

Most of the children are afraid and lose their confidence while thinking, “What if I do not make it out?” Well, they need to get over their fear and fade this fear of failure. You have worked hard and you deserve to get good marks. Gather up even the last drop of your confidence and take your test with grace. If you have prepared well, then no one has enough power to throw you down.

Time Management

A timetable is an essential part of exam preparation. Make a productive time table giving equal time to all the subjects. Do not forget to add on extra time for weak subjects and short intervals within. Working according to the time table would help maintain uniformity and productivity.

Closing Comments

Exams are an indispensable part of a student's life. With proper guidance and preparations, they can make these moments most memorable and productive. And that right guidance is waiting for you at Tuli’s The Academy . We have the skilled and professional teachers to help you out during your exams and lend a hand in scoring better. With our techniques and theories, we have seen many wonders happening. Get your name enlisted in that miraculous list today. Join us now!