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Kindergarten and What Child Education is all About

The Sculptors & Carvers at the town’s most awaited playpen and pre-school. Tuli’s The Kindergarten

A visionary speaks...

I am against the idea of a child with a heavy school bag, shoulders bent, head bowed and mind dented, for a child is meant to be spirited, playful and sprightly. If you take away the swings of joy from a child, and in place of that, if you stick total discipline, you cage him in the concrete world that would cease his ability to invent, explore and learn.

I am against the education that loads tender minds with facts and figures alone with inferences only to cram but not to discover. How sad does that sound! I am against the mechanistic mindset of old-schools that generates only informed minds but not fully-formed ones, and that is why I and my team unleash to you, our educational reform-movement — Tuli’s The Kindergarten.

In the competitive world of today, a value-based good schooling is the need of the hour. We want our children to grow up as happy adults with strong cores so that they are not swayed or lured by materialistic bribery of the world. We want our kids to be unconventional because a society that thinks beyond its conventions is a progressive society.

We want our children to have aesthetic sensibility and appreciation for art for them to have the right tastes and power to charm. Won’t they construct a beautiful home and a beautiful family of their own tomorrow?

We want them to be responsible and dutiful so that success becomes a routine to them. We want them to be passionate about a vocation yet stay very compassionate and humble when with others because it takes a hero to uplift the masses from misery. We want intellectuals who are pro-active and versatile because we want them to squeeze the joy of life, inspiring more and more around them.

Somewhere every parent wants a child who would one day become the Prime Minister of the country, but what it takes to be that? Tuli’s The Kindergarten puts into words and puts into action every single day. We wish to concoct a blend of wonders in the character of our tutee so that wherever he goes, he amazes, impresses and wins.

My dear Parents, a good schooling doesn’t give jobs (college education might do) — it rather lays the foundation of a winsome personality to clear some hefty interview one day. A good schooling doesn’t bring matrimony, but it produces an individual who knows the management of relationships.

Indeed, the formative years of a child’s life are the days at school when a teacher is not a source of instruction alone but a sculptor and a chiseller. A teacher has to be the friend who understands, the parent who cares and the mentor who guides.

What education is meant to deliver is the better people to society. For this, my team and I have designed a curriculum that we handsomely refer to as The Modular Montessori System. It comprises of a five-step approach to teaching any concept in numeracy, literacy, science or social studies. It begins with Watching, then to Being Curious, then to Trying, then suddenly Realizing and finally Inventing.

The environment of the classroom and the activities planned for the student play a crucial role in making a child feel excited about education so that he has the will to try. It is only when he wants to try that realization — the purest form of learning, comes to him, enabling him to be an inventor, an innovator, and a future revolutionary.

Tuli’s The Kindergarten features state-of-the-art European infrastructure to shunt away the fears of the traditional school building. It has a play way approach to kindle interest in academics. It has talking books by Grolier, world’s best storybooks in the library and countless sensory toys with audio-visual-technological aids to let our children become imaginative and thoughtful.

On the desks of Tuli’s The Kindergarten, future leaders sit.

Don’t you want your child to be one?

Admissions are open. Grab the wonderful opportunity and get your little heart enrolled with Amritsar’s fastest growing Academy. Contact Tuli’s The Kindergarten now! Schedule a call with us to know more.