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Being a student is a lifetime occupation that we all speak of. But this is not something that one is born with. You’re not a born student. You’re not ready to receive, listen, understand, make effort unless you pass through the journey called a Kindergarten. The Sitting span, the adjustment in the outside world, the development of razor-sharp senses for new experiences, our social behaviour— it is all a whole journey we indirectly or directly have made.

It is common to hear parents nowadays speaking of home-schooling. It can be great but if a child would be deprived of sensory play, environmental activities, nature walks and experience of watching a whole adult team at play for him, then it isn’t a good idea. To dive into the real magic of kindergarten and playschools, let’s move forward with this blog.

1. It is an opportunity for growth

For many children, playschool is the first experience to interact in a wider community. It gives an opportunity to learn, to share, to follow instructions and begin the construction of a personality which is crucial according to the growth aspects

2. It promotes social and emotional development

For a child to learn, he needs to feel secure and cared even while being away from parents. Teachers and caregivers nurture warm relations with these children and children too get emotionally connected to those teachers. Children grow faster when they find consistency in love from both parents and teachers. In high-quality preschools like that of ours, teachers value parents as the child experts. And hence send the daily detailed report to the parents and seek any valuable feedback which could enhance their teachings and child's graspings. Children learn the social skills by the age of 3-4 years. Teachers too see a good time to let the child decide on his own and keep on guiding in between. This way, his social skills enhance and he gets encouraged to behave well.

3. Children get to make choices

Children in a play school have a plethora of choices to make. A child who was wandering now has an activity of interest to work on. Teachers are always there to help a child in suggesting which thing might tingle his senses.

4. Children learn to take care of themselves and of others

A sense of competence grows as a child learns to help others and take care of himself. Teachers encourage a child to help in the real work. For instance by helping in setting up the table, helping others do the work or in any other way. Teachers also let the child become a source of help for others. For eg. a teacher might ask a child well in some work to help others who are still learning.

5. Preschool helps develop motor skills

High-quality preschools like that of ours provide numerous opportunities for a child to run, to climb, to jump and to play active games. These activities offer help to children develop fine motor skills like cutting with scissors or threading beads. As children are challenged through various such activities, they develop their hand-eye coordination and balance.

Pre-school and kindergartens are aimed at making children ready for a social milieu, environmental awareness, understanding of their motor movements. It is the foundation upon which growth as a student and professional is established. It is the first chapter to the grand novel of one’s life. One can’t understand or feel satisfied if the first chapter hasn’t been read well!

Today if you can hold a pencil properly, tomorrow you can draft business contracts with the same good hold. Today if you can create a birthday hat of paper, tomorrow you can be a fashion designer. Today if you can recognise colours and feel textures, tomorrow you can be an architect or an interior decorator. Today if your playful energy is tamed, you can build yourself up as a sportsman or an athlete of tomorrow. Pre-school is the right age when discipline, regularity, team-spirit, coordination is kindled and introduced in a child. It’s the time when he discovers whether he’s going to enjoy his journey of education or be daunted by it.

Choosing the right pre-school

When picking a pre-school, it is imperative that:

  • The building has a child-friendly infrastructure.
  • Colours, rubberwood, dimensions are all part of it.
  • A child is given a constant watch. For every five tutees, there should be one teacher or an au-pair.
  • Involvement of nature and performing arts. A child mustn’t feel confined.
  • A special time for food and washroom. The adjustment with surroundings is established this way.
  • Interactive, verbose teachers. They are in their world. They need to be part of it absolutely!

It can be a kind of impossible to find a playschool which has all these necessary components. But, being a parent, you want to give the best to your child. So, wait no more and reach out to Tuli’s The Kindergarten, for we have the right atmosphere, the right infrastructure, the right ideology and the right faculty. Let’s let our children be the inventors, discoverers and the revolutionaries of tomorrow!