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Words by Academic Director, Tuli’s The Academy – Mr Rouble Tuli

Greetings my delighted bunch of friends and family members. Friends and family members Here are my friends and here are my family members Because I can never see my relations different from these two taglines. I know at different levels, we hold different bondings. I am a teacher in the classroom, academic director in office, helping teachers decide and plan, class objectives and activities, counsellor in my meetings and advisor in the workshops but underneath it all, I’ve nothing but always true friendly concerns and parental love for everyone I meet.

Parent’s Dilemma Regarding Education

Everyday, I encounter countless parents. Through them, I learn how parenting has become a very complicated business especially when it comes to viewing education. One of the biggest failures in understanding the meaning of education has been this belief that scoring a particular score would guarantee jobs in future or a confirmed bright career. Ladies and gentlemen, tenth and twelfth and graduation, everybody does it. Degrees can do nothing alone. Academics are one pillar to the building called Human Resource. Just one pillar.

The other pillars on which a successful career establishes itself are Ambition, Passion & Perseverance. And to be a successful human, you need to add more pillars: Satisfaction & Loving relations.

And that’s the window through which we as parents need to see our child’s education.

  • Has my child discovered what he wants to be?
  • Is he passionate about it?
  • Can he handle failures?
  • Is he loving and kind to people around him?
  • Can he connect with his peers and create an influence with his presence?
  • These are the questions we need to ask ourselves, rather than, How many marks did he score in math? Why did he score 60 in English?

Let me give you some better questions to ask of teachers:
Don’t ask:
Will he pass?
But rather,
Is he able to reproduce the concepts in his own words?
Don’t ask,
Will he score 90 in math and science?
But rather,
Has he understood the logic and reasoning behind the concepts?
Don’t ask,
Will exam come from the school notebook or the book?
But rather,
Can he express himself and produce convincing persuasive arguments?

The Real Meaning of Education

Best Parenting Practices

Education is not a bucket of facts and figures to take bath in. It is conditioning of mind; discovering our true potential; dancing in the rain. Every drop can’t be yours but whatever is yours is equally wet and pleasurable. Focus on that.

If you ask me this question, How parents need to see education? My answer is: They need to see it as a clue to life. They need to open copies of their children every day and discuss with them what they learned, how they felt. They need to hear from them what the teacher said in class and how the child felt about it.

Best Parenting Practices

The Real Meaning of Education

In the last few weeks, I completed two marvellous books on parenting by Steve Buddolf, discussion on which we’d do in some leisure time. For now, let me tell you something simple.

What your child is, is your reflection. You keep telling him, Dear, the ways of society are evil, you’ve got to be evil. With such rubbish, you prepare him for a good likelihood of sadness and maybe imprisonment. We parents will die, but what we’d leave behind is a legacy of the same old world, corruption. Do we want our kids to be repent-full after we are dead?

Let me give you some examples: We bargain and show hypocrisy to all service-providers in front of our children, and expect them, our children, to be respectful and kind. They can never be that if you are not that way in your dealings. The way you deal with society today is how they are going to deal with it tomorrow.

We talk ill of teachers and expect them to be respectful to us as parents. No, they’d never be. We need to teach them the appreciation for the efforts of others. Don’t teach them, bargaining; teach them negotiation. Tell them, people mustn’t have pity to give us a certain pricing. Pity at economic standing, pity at family relative-relation we have. No. Negotiate for a deal. Sell yourself as a talent to buy talent of yours. ‘I can do this for your enterprise and so you do this for my facility.’

Friends, children adopt what we serve them. What they become is what, we parents, decide. We design their outlook, their character traits. List today: I want to see my child as someone who is this and that. Take help of we, teachers and decide a list of traits for him. Now, assess him by rungs of the ladder and not how fast they are climbing it. Teach them acceptance, forbearance and help them discover their true abilities. Hunt good courses, special study plans for them rather than a set pattern. Show them the stars so that they land the moon. Don’t deliver them generalised platters of study curriculum so that they remain generalised humans.

You want special kids, begin their special parenting in collaboration with their special teachers today.

I congratulate team members at Tuli’s The Academy, Amritsar. We having a revolutionising time. Wow. Thank you.

Every interview I take, they say, we want growth, we want to learn. Where is the Learning? Here is the learning!

Leaders we all are.
Lead in action. And you’re a leader!
Adust for your team. And you’re a leader!
Accept failures and carry on. And you’re a leader.