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A child walks through different roads in his life. Some are as smooth as a marshmallow, but some are as pricky as thorns. But the most crucial road, which decides our final destination is the Kindergarten. A child is a small dough of clay, whose sculptor is the Kindergarten. Even a small man can cast a big shadow. The vastness is filled in a child from the time he starts his Kindergarten.

The basic formation depends upon a kindergarten. There are so many things which a child inculcates at this time and that is why Kindergarten has become the most crucial part of anyone’s life. There are many expectations lying parallel to this stage of life. There are numerous milestones which a child achieves in Kindergarten.

In this Blog by Tuli’s The Academy, let’s get to know what are the milestones and what one should expect from the journey called Kindergarten.

Physical Milestones

At this age, kids tend to run, jump, skip and hop a lot. Hence, it is necessary that their physical power is channelised in a productive way. Most Kindergarten students learn to do the following things:

Fine Motor Skills

  • Use fork, knife and spoon correctly
  • Giving a good hold to the pencil
  • Using one hand more than other
  • Cut out basic geometric shapes with the scissors
  • Be able to wipe and wash after using a washroom

Gross Motor Skills

  • Catch a ball of the size of a softball
  • Pump legs and Jump rope
  • Walk on heel-to-toe and tiptoes like on a balance beam
  • Stand and hop of each foot

Cognitive Milestones

At the time of Kindergarten, a child learns many facts and starts grasping the basic knowledge of almost every subject. By the end of the journey called Kindergarten, a child is able to do most of the following things:

  • Know the letters of the alphabet along with their sounds
  • Understand the basic concepts and patterns
  • Recite the numbers up to 20 and count the group of objects up to 10
  • Make the plans about what to do, what to draw and what to play
  • Recognize and name the colours and some of the shapes
  • Speak on their names, addresses and the phone numbers
  • Increase their sitting time and indulge in activities for more than 15 minutes

Language Milestones

While being in Kindergarten, a child can use a thousand words in sentences composed of more than 5 to 8 words. Some of the language aspects which a child can cover after Kindergarten are:

  • Use correct words to argue and try to prove the point. ‘Because’ is the often used word at this time
  • Tell jokes, stories and riddles; may also be able to understand some
  • Talk about past and present; like the things which have happened and the things which are happening
  • Use plurals, tenses and nouns correctly
  • Use correct vocabulary to talk about opposites and compare things

By the end of the session, most of the children are able to recognize common words like I, me, you etc and can pronounce the three-letter words like hat, bat etc.

Social and Emotional Milestones

Kindergarten is the first level of emotional development and children usually start getting overwhelmed with emotions. Their feelings most of the times go beyond making friends and they start to know what is good and what is bad. Many kindergarteners start doing and feeling most of these things:

  • Start realizing why it is good to share the stuff and get along other kids
  • Enjoy seeking attention in any way possible; by singing, dancing or doing silly things
  • Begin to prefer same-gender friendships and even start becoming jealous of some of the kids
  • Have an interest in seeking more friendships
  • Follow the rules and criticize those who don’t

Each kid is a diamond waiting for a jeweller to enhance its beauty. Each kid has his own pace of development. Criticizing them at every step may worsen up the conditions. Try bringing out the best in a kid by encouraging him at every breath. Tuli’s The Academy has brought up its venture named Tuli’s The Kindergarten, one of the best Kindergarten in Amritsar. We follow the Montessori education ideology and have become the most favoured preschool in a short span of time. Make your child a future revolutionist, an explorer, a scientist by making their development's base strong. Join them with us now!